Shane & Tracy Cultice


About Shane

Shane Cultice has spent over 25 years in corporate America using his education and skills to help other companies grow, prosper and succeed. With a Master's degree in Business Administration and computers, Shane worked for a few Fortune 500 companies that specialized in Retail and Customer Service. When Shane was young he learned an invaluable skill soap-making. At a pivotal moment in time, Tracy decided that Shane worked too many hours and was away from the family too much. They put their heads together and Amish Country Essentials was born. An all natural skin care company. Shane developed all the products through research and development the product line has grown to feature over 150 products. With over 11 years of consistent growth Shane realized that helping people with their health was his path.  Shane is married to Tracy Cultice and they have four children and one grandchild.

About Tracy

Tracy Cultice has been involved in the Direct sales world for over 15 years. Building a dynamic strong down line and prospering in direct sales isn't always easy to do, but Tracy has a knack for doing just that. While receive support in the form of encouragement and business advice, from Shane, Tracy excelled in direct sales. Currently, Tracy manages the entire production, purchasing and shipping departments. Her organizational and detail oriented skills have made these areas of Amish Country Essentials perform efficiently and provide the capabilities to expand to meet any demands.  Tracy is married to Shane Cultice and they have four children and one grandchild.

About Saponify Naturals

Shane & Tracy both enjoy helping people and have both been equally motivated to do just that. Because of their Direct sales experiences, past business successes and current experiences in helping others, both decided that they needed to do more. After numerous discussions and tweaking, Saponify Naturals was created. An all natural, all American company that offers amazing income potential, growth, success and financial freedom for any who choose to become a part of the Saponify team. Taking the best of direct sales and leaving out things we felt were success inhibiting, our program is simple, and goal oriented. Whether your new or have been in direct sales for a long time, you will find our company is exactly what you have been looking for.


Debbie Parrish

Director of Recruiting & Training

About Debbie

I am fortunate to live in Florida in the winter and spend my summers in Ohio with my husband. Blessed with two wonderful children, eight grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren. They are the reason we spend our summers in Ohio.
Our life has always been in sales. I was an insurance agent for 13 years. Then I was approached by a party plan company and I thought it would be a lot of fun and it was. Party and earn enough money that my husband could retire. That was the goal. That is exactly what we did. He retired and I loved the job. Meeting wonderful people becoming friends and earning trips to exotic places. Earning more money than I did in the insurance business. I loved helping others join our company and learn the business. I loved watching others become successful for many reason but one was they were going to be able to take a free vacation with us. I was one of the top recruiters in the company always wanting to be on stage at convention earned every trip and was awarded a FREE Dodge Journey in 2010. After 13 years with them time to move on. The hand writing was on the wall with this company. Today they are out of business.
After selling jewelry for 3 years and earning trips with that company too. I decided it was time to retire. I guess that is what your suppose to do at my age so I did. But I really missed everything about the career I had given up.

Next chapter of my life, after being retired for 3 years my daughter and her husband who currently owned a very successful skin care wanted to launch a direct sales company selling these wonderful products. I already had used the products for many years and loved them. I knew I loved direct sales especially the part where I help others build a team. So out of retirement I came and here I am to help you. I believe we have awesome products, a great pay plan, and the ability for you to do it your way. We are here to help. We are very excited about this opportunity. We created this company with you in mind. Freedom to do it your way. The best skin care products, reasonably priced, great trips, and you have great people to work for. We will do all we can to help YOU reach your dreams.
PS. Not missing retirement at all.